Daniel Perkins
5 min readMay 31, 2020

Biden, “none of the amendments to the Constitution are “absolute”


Dan Perkins

Former Vice-President Joe Biden said in an interview on Wired this past Wednesday that, “ no amendment is “absolute,” thus suggesting that even something as precious as the freedoms guaranteed under the Bill of Rights are not set in stone. This is not the first time he said that the amendments were not absolute.

Presidential candidate Joe Biden also made the headlines in a statement in Des Moines Iowa last August. Biden was appearing at the Presidential Gun Safety Forum when he made his remarks. He could have said that the second amendment is not cast in stone, but he chose to say several times in his presentation, none of the amendments in the constitution are absolute.

One has to take Biden at face value when he says all are not absolute that would include the 13th amendment which abolishes slavery and the 15th amendment the right to vote based on race, color, are any previous condition of servitude.

Perhaps we can look at other remarks to give us some indication of what the former vice president is thinking about the constitution. On August 14, 2012, when he was running for a second term as vice president he said in Danville Virginia, of Republicans, “Their going to put y’all back in chains.” This remark was made to a group primarily of black people. He seemed to have forgotten that it was the Republicans who were responsible for the passage of the 13th and the 15th amendment, not the Democrats.

If none of the Bill of Rights are absolute and that’s what he believes then what would stop him from trying to repeal the first and second amendment to also repeal the 13th and the 15th? Wouldn’t it be better for blacks to fully depend upon the government for their income, insurance benefits, and retirement just like when blacks got everything, they needed from their slave masters?

Now I realize that this is going to inflame a lot of reaction and I will be called a racist or a bigot but what I’m trying to do it is to hold the presidential candidate for the Democratic Party for what he says and what he believes and we must understand what the consequences of those thoughts would be to our country.

If you take away the first and second amendment you take away from the American people the right to be able to speak their mind. People need to be able to defend himself when somebody disagrees with what they think comes after them to do bodily harm. The government didn’t protect the people around the country, the police were ordered out by the government. Who is going to protect the people if the government abandons them, only the people themselves?

If we look at the violence and the vigilante movement and the looting that took place in Minneapolis and St. Paul how could anybody look at what was appearing on our television screen and feel safe especially if you lived in the black section of a major city? We are seeing anarchy in the United States right in front of us. If Joe Biden wants to take away our guns, then what possible protection will the good people of Minneapolis have after the government takes away the police by abandoning the police station and leaving the people to fend for themselves?

If the anarchist present in our society today had no first or second amendment to deal with then they would control what people could do and what people can think. They would control what the government is going to give us. If you look at what happened in Minneapolis you can understand why so many people are asking how does this gets out of control? The answer is simple, the Democratic Party who wants to get rid of the first and second amendment who believes that black people could possibly be back in chains walked away from the good, and decent, and law-abiding people of Minneapolis and St. Paul. Just as the Democrats perpetuated slavery-like activities after the Civil War they continue today.

If you had an American history course in school that truly taught about the Civil War and the aftermath called reconstruction, one would have to look at what happened in Minneapolis St. Paul and the destruction of property and then perhaps over a long period of time the possible reconstruction of the city.

Just so we deal in facts I would like to point out to the presumed Democratic candidate for president that in the entire history of our nation only one amendment has ever been removed and that was the 18th amendment on the prohibition of the manufacturer sale of alcohol it was passed on December 18, 1917, and repealed on December 5, 1933, with the passage of the 21st amendment.

Many black leaders have spoken out against the violence and the destruction of property in Minneapolis St. Paul and other cities around the country. You can hear the anguish in their voices, and their profound disappointment in the looting that is taking place in the name of George Floyd.

To Joe Biden, over the last 50 years, your party has promised a great deal to black and minority citizens of the United States. I believe what took place in Minneapolis and St. Paul and other cities around the country is it direct rebuke of the failed promises and policies of the Democratic Party. The reaction of people is that they are sending a clear message to America and especially to the Democratic Party. No more!

Dan Perkins is a published author of 4 novels on nuclear and biological terrorism against the United States and is a current events commentator for over 20+ news blogs. He recently has had commentaries posted on Flag&Cross and Clash Daily. He appears on radio and TV regularly many times a month. Dan’s newest show is called “America’s Cannabis Conversation,” on the W420radionetwork.com. More information on Perkins can be found on his web site: danperkins.guru