Mr. President, You Forgot One Test

If the test comes back and says they have no COVID-19 antibodies, then they need the shot. The amazing thing is that under most insurance plans the cost of the test is $0. One word of caution, we already know that about 6% of people who get the shots get reinfected and as the Delta and other variants come along the current shots may not provide protection and they may need the test each time a new variant arrives.

If you are an employer of more that 100 people you might want to tell your employees about the test to see if they have COVID antibodies. It is probably a good idea for companies of less than 100 employees to have all their employees get tested for antibodies. It also might be a good idea for businesses, big or small, to have potential employees tested before they are hired.

Go to and put in this link to watch a video on the test, I have assembled below from a few testing websites questions and answers about the COVID antibodies test.




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Daniel Perkins

Daniel Perkins

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