Daniel Perkins
4 min readApr 17, 2023
Americans will not tolerate lies from the President about servicemen and women dying in Ukraine.


Dan Perkins

Jack Teixeira, a 21-year-old Massachusetts Air National Guard employee was arrested this week in connection with the leak of classified national defense information. In his report, he did not indicate if any of the service people who were deployed to Ukraine had been sent home in body bags. President Biden said that no Americans would serve in the war in Ukraine, but we would help support the war effort financially. America has committed over $120 billion to the war effort. That level of spending places it third in the world behind Ukraine and China in defense spending. The amount of spending is approaching twice the annual budget of Russia.

Before I go any further let me suggest I do not trust the Biden administration is telling the truth about our military involvement in this war and how it is going. If you are the parent, or spouse of a serviceman or woman who went to Ukraine, and you have not heard from them, or they were returned to you in a military coffin, I want to talk with you. If you were asked to sign a nondisclosure agreement about the death of your child or spouse, I want to know about it and I believe the American people also want to know.

Jack Teixeira made his first court appearance before a federal magistrate in Boston this past Friday morning after being charged with unauthorized retention and transmission of national defense information and willful retention of classified documents. I realize that the documents were classified but because of his action on social media, they have come to light. The mainstream media is not asking questions about the content for to do so would question the actions of the president. I want to know the number of the American military in Ukraine and how many have been killed. The bodies can be interred locally, so we must be able to find out from parents, spouses, and family members if they have missing family members.

I believe the president has misled the American people about our involvement in this war and the media is helping him cover it up. Has America’s commitment to our military people kept them out of this war? Below are the results of a recent survey of how Americans feels about committing troops to this war. How do the American people feel about American men and women being sent to fight in Ukraine.

Here are the responses to how Americans feel about committing troops to the war in Ukraine

In favor — 15.9 %

Against — 84.1%



25 to 65- 83.8%


Political Affiliation:

Democrats — Against — 3.4%

Republicans — Against — 85.5%

Independents — Against — 85.2


The most surprising is how the genders voted

In favor — women — 17.3%

In favor — Men — 15.0%

If we believe President Biden, we must demand a full accounting of the number of dead and missing Americans in Ukraine.

I want to leave you with one final question about Jack Teixeira. What made him decide to release the Top Secret documents? There has been some speculation he wanted to impress some of his friends with what he knew. When you become the judge of what should be released you can’t be trusted to keep secrets. Did Teixeira position require a top-secret (TS) security clearance? To gain the TS clearance, Teixeira would have had to sign a lifetime binding non-disclosure agreement (NDA) where he would have had to acknowledge that the unauthorized disclosure of classified information could result in criminal charges, according to the criminal complaint. Because he agreed to the terms and signed the NDA, he was granted clearance in 2021.

“There is probable cause to believe that Teixeira improperly and unlawfully retained and transmitted national defense information classified at the TS/SCI level to persons not authorized to receive information,” according to FBI Special Agent Patrick Lueckenhoff. When you place your personal gratification over protecting the country as the oath says over the enemies of our country both foreign and domestic, we are all at risk. I have grave concerns that we are losing the patriots that make our country safe and are replacing them with selfish judges who believe that only they can make security decisions for the country.

The results of the polling data don’t surprise me, if this story has legs and we find out soldiers have been sent home in body bags I believe America will become very angry and heads will roll.

Dan Perkins is the author of 9 books, a nationally syndicated talk show host, an expert on energy, the founder of the Black and White radio and TV network promoting free speech, and the host of two shows on the network, Blacks and Whites. You can find more info about Dan and his works at Dan After Dark and danperkins.guru.