Hillary’s desire to be President will be crushed by John Durham and oil prices.


Dan Perkins

Stories about Hillary Clinton running in 2024 for President I believe will have the air let out of that balloon. The press and the Democrats have forgotten about special prosecutor John Durham and his investigation into the 2016 and 2020 presidential elections. I have no firsthand knowledge of where John Durham is headed in his investigation, but I can’t believe whatever report is issued would be favorable for Hillary Clinton.

There is no question in my mind that Hilary and her handlers believe that enough time has gone by that the voters will ignore material coming out of the special prosecutor’s office. Several months ago, I suggested the following scenario ahead of many of the major media outlets. It is not my story but rather the story’s content. I suggested that the vice president was causing significant problems for President Biden and that if he chooses to run in 2024, he is not keen on the idea of having Vice President Harris join him on the ticket. The forced retirement of Justice Souter created the opportunity for Biden to fulfill his campaign promise of nominating a black female court justice. If Harris wants to resign to take the Supreme Court position, President Biden will select a new vice president, and I believe he will choose Hillary Clinton..

Then, I think he will announce his retirement effective January 1, 2024. This action would elevate Hillary to the office of President, and she would have the ability theoretically to run for two terms as President. Hillary Clinton would become President of the United States with no voter casting a single vote for her.

I know many people will read this and think it’s absurd, but I encourage you to take some time to reread the projection. As you look around and see what’s going on in our country, it may not be as absurd as your originally thought.

As I have watched the recent appearances of the President, I may have to adjust my retirement to sooner rather than later. At his most recent press conference, I was shocked that the first lady came up to the podium to take the president’s hand to lead him down the steps and out of the room.

Right or wrong, Americans want our President to be strong and forceful when he speaks to us and, most importantly, to other world leaders. Based on recent polling data, Biden has dropped below 40% approval. According to World Atlas, Lyndon Johnson had the lowest approval of 52%, now Biden with 39% has the lowest, and perhaps it could go lower.

A possible conflict between Russia and Ukraine, should it happen, could impact his approval rating. The more significant concern is what will Biden do if the Chinese attack Taiwan? In the past, an initial conflict is generally perceived as a positive thing by the American people, but the longer it goes, the more negatively the American people react.

Some things could happen that could drive the President’s approval ratings in the mid 20% range. A 25% rating would say that 75% of voters have no confidence in the President’s ability to govern. We may see the President resign or be impeached with those approval ratings. I think Chuck and Nancy will have to make the long trek down Pennsylvania Ave to the White House to tell the President he must resign for the good of the country.

While it is important to watch what Russia and China will do, I think the greatest threat to Bidens presidency is the price of oil. If we see oil hit a new high, I believe greater than $125.00 a barrel, we may well see the first no-confidence vote in the President by the Congress. One last point, if we see oil go above $125, I don’t think Hilary will run because she knows at $125 and higher, no Democrat can win. The sooner it gets to $125 or more, the quicker she is out of the race. The real question is, who is on the Democratic bench?

is a published author of 4 novels on nuclear and biological terrorism against the United States and is a current events commentator for over 35+ news blogs. He recently has had commentaries posted on Medium, Conservative Truth, and Newsmax among others. He appears on radio and TV regularly many times a month. Dan’s newest show is “Black and White” This show can be heard on the Blacks and Whites Network at blacksandwhites.us. More information on Perkins can be found on his web site: danperkins.guru



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