Joe Biden has a funeral to attend, the First and Second Amendments.

These are just a few of the many examples where mainstream media and social media have purposely lied to the American people to sway opinion for the Democratic Party. We see reports every day of the Democrats misrepresenting or purposely lying to the American people, which is supported by the mainstream media. The issues that are important to the Democratic Party are essential to American News media not because they’re doing their job as the fourth Estate but because they are aligned with the policies and principles of the Democratic Party. That was never the founders’ objective.

This manipulation of the news is not an accident. It is a strategy by the left to destroy the right. People are sitting in newsrooms and broadcast studios and making conscious decisions to manipulate what’s going on. Every time the administration wants to attack what we believe, we are told that if we disagree, we think like racists, we suffer from white privilege, and they have the right to call all us out and condemn us.

So, I believe that Pres. Biden and the progressive left would gladly shovel dirt into the hole so that they can bury the first and second amendment.



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