Joe Biden Misdirection

Daniel Perkins
3 min readAug 21, 2021


Dan Perkins

Joe Biden cherry-picked ABC News George Stephanopoulos for what he hoped would be a conversation with soft ball questions on the events in Afghanistan. Stephanopoulos asked if the President had seen the pictures of Afghan people falling off the American Aircraft. Pres. Biden’s response about the desperate scene was, “That was “Four or five days ago” knowing full well it was only 2 days before. The tone of his statement indicated that he was trying to convince America that this was old news…misdirection.

Continuing with misdirection the President changed the conversation to COVID-19, saying he and the first lady will roll up their sleeves again soon. “We got our shots all the way back in December. So, it’s past time.” The last thing the American people heard in the interview was not about the horrendous mistakes or the humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan but good news about COVID-19 boosters. Within hours of the interview, the White House announced additional shots for all Americans, again trying to shift the focus away from the problems in Afghanistan…misdirection.

Not surprisingly, the President’s approval rating dropped 7 points on a Reuters/Ipsos poll taken on Monday to its lowest level in his presidency. As the story of what happened continues to unfold, I expect the approval rating to decline further. If I’m right, the message from the American people will be, you can’t distract us with COVID-19 and hope we will forget about rising gas and food prices, out-of-control spending, and Afghanistan.

The Democrats’ tenuous control of the House and the 50/50 split in the Senate will come under more pressure, with some Democrats in both houses questioning passing the President’s infrastructure and budget bills. They will want to look for enough of a majority of both houses to avoid hearings on what happened in Afghanistan.

Questions I would like to ask:

Why did we think it was a good idea to use Kabul Airport to take Americans out of Afghanistan? There was no American security on the ground there. We had to introduce 5,000 troops to try to restore order. We could have kept Bagram Airbase open, (it closed on July 7, 2021) and begun sending people home from a secure facility that we had control of and kept 2,500 soldiers as security for the base. If they needed more security, the government could have brought in some or all of the 5,000 troops that we brought in last weekend and had a more orderly exit. The Daily Mail estimated we leftover $800 billion in equipment and supplies at Bagram Airbase. What happened to all of that material? There seems to be a conflict between the White House and the Defense Department. DOD said they knew that disruption was possible, and the President said, “No chance.” A recent WSJ report stated that hundreds of millions of dollars in cash shipments were stopped from being sent to Afghanistan to avoid it being used by the Taliban. How much cash was sent? How is it possible that President Biden decided on his own to withdraw and didn’t speak to any of the NATO partners who were in-country and had to fend for themselves to try and get their people out?

These are just some of the questions I want to ask. I hope Congress will have open hearings so we can find out what went wrong. We have a right to know how and why the leadership of our government could not function.

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