Next Step for Terrorists: After the Police Are Gone, Protection Money


Dan Perkins

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On Wednesday, June 10, the terrorists in Seattle took control over six blocks of the city. They announced that police would not be allowed in what they were declaring as an independent nation from the United States. Americans should not be surprised at these terrorist tactics; one only has to go to every major European country and find that Muslim terrorists are subdividing those countries into no go zones.

If we look at the nation of France, we find that 10% of the population is now Muslim. They have created many no go zones and set up their own government, their own currency, and most important, their own laws. They may physically be living in the territory that we call France; it is quickly becoming something other than France.

Wikipedia reported as far back as 2005 that France’s domestic intelligence network, the Reassignments Generaux, identified 150 “no-go zones” around the country where police would not enter without reinforcements. Since that study, the French government maintains a list of 700 no go zones in its report of July 2018 titled, “No-Go Zones in the French Republic”.

The number of no-go zones has increased four and one-half times in 13 years. The process that has seen cities across the globe being subdivided into no go zones and free zones has expanded. Wikipedia runs a story about Venezuela’s no go zones and reports:

In 2013, the Venezuelan government negotiated with large criminal gangs on how to prevent violence and agreed to set up demilitarized areas as “peace zones.” The concept behind the zones was to provide gang members with economic resources and construction materials in exchange for the surrender of the gang’s weapons, with the understanding that the resources would be used to repair local infrastructure.

The Venezuelan government hoped that through this process, gang members would disarm and become law-abiding and productive members of society. Also, the then-deputy Minister of the Interior reportedly agreed verbally to avoid police patrols within the zones, should the gangs agree to disarm. The plan backfired as the gang members used the money and resources given to them by the government in exchange for their weapons to acquire more powerful weapons. They then began committing yet more crimes and violence within the zones. According to InSight Crime, there are over a dozen mega-gangs in Venezuela, with some having up to 300 members.

What is going on in Seattle, says Ted Cruz, Republican Senator from Texas, is “American Taliban,” and what is very scary is that the Democrats are in agreement with the American Taliban. Both Mayor Jenny Durkan and the governor, Jay Inslee, are doing nothing to expel the terrorists out of the city. I wrote in an earlier commentary that 19 of the 21 largest cities where the looting was the greatest were controlled by the Democratic Party; also, eight of the 21 cities were sanctuary cities, and six of the cities out of the 21 were in sanctuary states. I recommend the following article by Walter E. Williams titled, The True Plight of Black Americans, I believe it is a must read for all people black and white who want to hear from a black man the real problems as to the treatment of blacks.

If these members of the new American Taliban are left unchecked, I expect at least two things to happen: first, look for the zone to be expanded beyond six blocks to at least double the current size. Second, at the moment, the American Taliban have no sources of income in their new little country, and they don’t have a government structure. I would expect to see the terrorists start knocking on doors and demanding store owners, office buildings owners, and residents begin paying protection money. (Breaking news terrorist are already going door to door in Seattle demanding protection money.)

Expect to hear stories from shopkeepers, who dare to say they want me to pay extortion money to keep my business from being trashed. Part of the problem will be that the shopkeepers will not have a lot of traffic in their stores because of the isolation and barriers set up by the terrorists. People will not risk their lives crossing the barricades just to shop. Instead, they will find other places to spend their money.

As was pointed out above, we have seen this story play out in many nations around the world; the real question is, will the United States allow itself to be subdivided, or will the government stand up and spell the terrorists from their communities? The United States Attorney General Mr. Barr, I have been told, has spoken to the mayor and the governor and indicated they have 96 hours to restore order or the Justice Department will step in and fix the problem. As long as the Democrats are in control of the big cities in the United States, the new American Taliban will be given free rein. There’s an old saying, “Once you let Pandora out-of-the-box, there’s no getting her back in again.” If the political leadership in the states and cities turns over control to the American Taliban, the more difficult and complicated it will be to wrestle control back to the rule of law.

For the last six months, I’ve tried to figure out what will be the major campaign issues in the presidential election. The issues have changed radically in the previous six months. I believe that if other cities are allowed to go the way of Seattle with no go zones, the single issue of importance to the vast majority of Americans in the upcoming presidential election will be, are we going to be a nation of laws or are we going to be a nation governed by terror?

On a recent talk show, I made the following statement: “Can we trust that Joe Biden, if he were to be elected, would not change his mind and instead support the elimination of the police forces?” Biden has a track record over the last 12 months of apologizing for many of his positions over his political career. What’s to say he won’t do it again if he becomes president?

Dan Perkins is a published author of 4 novels on nuclear and biological terrorism against the United States and is a current events commentator for over 20+ news blogs. He recently has as a contributor to their 120,000,00 monthly readers. He appears on radio and TV regularly many times a month. Dan’s newest show is called “America’s Cannabis Conversation,” on the More information on Perkins can be found on his web site:

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