Daniel Perkins
5 min readJun 5, 2023

Reparations: Apartheid from Democrats


Dan Perkins

A lot of people will think this headline is racist, but you will shortly see why it makes sense and is not racist. I published a story on the reparations proposed by both the city of San Francisco and the State of California about three months ago. That story in one publication got over 3,800 responses. I still believe that reparations will be the cornerstone of the Democratic campaign in the 2024 presidential election.

The midterms of 2022 showed a decline in minority voters in favor of Democratic candidates. The Democratic Party is worried about the economic prospects and other prospects in the economy that will cause more and more blacks to become independents or Republicans. It will be important for the Democrats to find a rallying point to try and regain their influence in the Black community. Historically 85% of Backs need to vote in favor of the Democratic candidate for the Democratic candidate to win the presidential election.

According to Pew Research, 77% of black Americans and 18% of white Americans support reparations for descendants of enslaved people. Currently, the black population has one out of every five or 20% not born in the United States so they have no ancestry linked to slavery and would not be able to receive reparations based on a heritage linked to slavery. When a mixed-race marriage takes place, the children’s race is based on the mother’s race. Therefore, should a black male marry a white female and have children, their children would be considered white.

At any time after the civil war, if a white woman were to marry a black man the lineage line to slavery would be broken, and any future generations would not be entitled to reparations. Based on these two facts, approximately 10 million blacks would be excluded from any rights to reparations. Think about 10 million blacks who would not be entitled to any reparations living in proximity to other blacks who are getting money from the federal government. I believe this separation will create tremendous disruptive anger in the black community.

I have warned my readers in several articles that I believe Republicans, conservatives, and independents do not believe the reparation bill recently introduced by Corey Bush who wants to set aside $14 trillion for reparations will pass. These same naysayers do not believe that California and San Francisco will pass their reparation bills because of the astronomical amount of money necessary to make the payments. It is very possible that Democrats want the right to stop the bill from coming to a vote. They will condemn the right and blame them for the failure of the bill and ask the blacks to press the black community to vote for Democrats.

Here is the trap for the right, the bill will fail before the election, and the Democrats will pound the table to have the blacks vote for them and after the election, they will take up the bill and make it right. The black community will be disappointed because as of right now 82% of whites are opposed to bankrupting the country for reparations.

I think it’s important to understand what the Republicans and independents think is irrelevant to the black community and what they think should happen. Every time there’s an article published about reparations and trillions and billions of dollars are talked about more and more blacks believe they’re entitled and therefore the legislation driven by the Democrats will pass. I saw recently a black man standing in the reparations committee in California speaking out about what he wants. He said that he didn’t care about police or fire or roads or bridges he just wanted to know when he was going to get his $3 million check.

In a previous article, I wrote about the ability of poor people, black or white, to handle significant sums of money and not squander it in a short period. If some type of financial reparations is made available there ought to be advisory services available to the recipients to preserve this windfall of money.

Here is an example of what could happen to people who do not have experience and training in handling large sums of money only to see it disappear by bad judgment on their part or bad advice on what to do with their money. By the end of 2020, BLM had collected over $87 million and by May 23, 2023, their bank account was $8.5 million in the red. A small percentage of the money collected was used to support the causes of the Black Lives Matter Foundation. The leadership of the organization including the original founders have resigned for the misappropriation of funds and the channeling of significant sums of money into personal accounts.

Gavin Newsom, the governor of the state of California when he saw the reparations commissions report he began to back away from it because the $800 billion cost was almost twice the entire budget for the State of California. He said that solving the reparation problem must be something more than money. I suspected at the time when I wrote that article that he will, if he runs for president, place the burden on the shoulders of the federal budget to come up with the money.

I believe tens of millions of American blacks are putting a great deal of trust and hope in the Democratic Party to get them their money. The longer the Republicans and the independents ignore the issue because they don’t believe it’s credible the greater the risk for a significant pushback by black people at the polls in 2024. I believe there are a significant number of blacks that already believe if they elect Democrats in a significant quantity to get control of the House, the Senate, and the White House they will vote very strongly for Democratic candidates, they will get their millions.

I want you to go to town meetings for candidates running for the House and Senate and or president to make your voice heard about how you stand on the idea of reparations payments to blacks. Ask them two questions: 1. Do they support payments? 2. How will the payment be paid for?

Some candidates will try and weasel out of answering your questions because they do not want to miss the possibility of winning some of the black votes. Ask them what percentage of the black vote did they get in the last election and if they take a stand against the payments what percentage will they get of the black vote in this election?

Dan Perkins is the author of 9 books, a nationally syndicated talk show host, an expert on energy, the founder of the Black and White radio and TV network promoting free speech, and the host of two shows on the network, Blacks and Whites and Dan After Dark. His newest outlet for commentary is https://yournews.com/33908. You can find more info about Dan and his works at danperkins.guru.