The Best Political Question Ever.

Daniel Perkins
5 min readOct 11, 2020


By Dan Perkins

Las Vegas reporter Ross DiMattei asked, “Well, sir don’t the voters deserve to know…?”

Biden, “No they don’t…. I’m not gonna play his game, he’d love me to talk about, and I’ve already said something on court packing, he’d love that to be the discussion instead of what he’s doing now,”

I think you need to know now and not after the election what Biden believes.

Some reporters are becoming more and more frustrated because Joe Biden won’t answer this straightforward question, “Will you pack the Supreme Court if ACB is confirmed to the US Supreme Court and you get elected?” Biden repeatedly says, “I will not answer that question until after the election.” As you can see above when asked to voters deserve to know Biden responded “No they don’t.”

The reporters don’t seem to want to walk away from this question. No matter, Biden refuses to answer. He says the reason he doesn’t want to answer is that if he answers the question, it’ll be in the headlines of all the papers and distract away from other issues. Does former Vice-President Biden not understand that his refusal to answer is on the front page of the newspapers? Reporters keep asking him so what does he gain by not answering the question? My answer is, the longer he goes without addressing the question, the bigger the issue becomes. Republicans could easily say that if he won’t tell us about packing the court, what other questions about his policy will he not tell us? Do you remember when the Democrats were pushing to enact Obama Care, what Pelosi said? “We have to pass it to find out what is in it.” Biden is saying, “Elect me, and then I will tell you what I’m going to do.”

Biden told us early on that he was going to eliminate fracking. He said it many times and now he’s changed his mind saying he will not stop fracking. Why did he change his mind and more importantly, did he really change his mind? In a word, Pennsylvania. It is a swing state and he will need it to defeat President Trump. Joe’s current position is that he will allow fracking on private lands but deny it on public or government land. He is trying to tell one story in Pennsylvania and a different story everywhere else. This two faced approach is not winning favor in the Keystone State. We are told that these two issues are important to American voters.

The Republicans need to look at their playbook and ask the American people one tried-and-true question, “Are you better off today than you were 4 years ago? “That exact question was asked by Gallup and on Friday the 9 of October the published the answer, keep reading.

Gallup Polling also did a survey looking for issues important to voters and tracked the change from February 2020 to September 2020. Here are just a few of the issues and the percentage of people to whom these issues are important.

-In April, the percentage of people who were concerned about COVID-19, 45% down to 25% in September.

-The economy, in April 6% and in September down too 5%.

-The entire category of economic problems which contains 11 items. In April, 13% of Americans said that those items were the most important in September it was down to 9%.

-The other 36 poll questions were non-economic problems, and they went from 84% in February up to 91% in September.

We are hearing from the Democrats that they believe the world will end in 12 years unless we spend tens of trillions of dollars on climate change. However, climate change didn’t even make the list of issues important to the American people. Americans are asking, why should we spend an estimated 93 trillion dollars on climate change?

All the above is interesting, but the one simple, most power question ever to be asked by an American presidential candidate came from Ronald Reagan, “Ask yourself when you go to vote this question, are you better off today than you were 4 years ago?” Gallop reported on Friday, October 9, 2020 that 56% of voters sampled said that they were better off than 4 years ago, while 32% said they were worse off than 4 years ago. That is a 24 point spread.

Some people are questioning Gallop’s results. But think about these facts, the values of their homes are rising, and their retirement accounts have all but recovered from the decline. This is a lot different that the great recession. While people are nervous, even scared, about COVID-19, the medicines and treatments have caused the death rate to decline. As of this article, a tragic 214,000 Americans have died for a death rate of .000654%. The President got COVID-19 and survived and is out meeting people and telling his story.

In the beginning of the attack we knew little about COVID-19 and we all were scared. Today we are more confident we can survive if we get the virus. When you go into the voting booth on November 3rd, ask yourself the Regan question, “Are you better off today than you were 4 years ago?” Take a moment and ask yourself one more question, “Will you be better off with Joe Biden as president for 4 years if he won’t tell you what he is going to do after he is elected?

Dan Perkins is a published author of 4 novels on nuclear and biological terrorism against the United States and is a current events commentator for over 20+ news blogs. He recently has had commentaries posted on Medium, Conservative Truth, and Newsmax among others. He appears on radio and TV regularly many times a month. Dan’s newest show is called “America’s Cannabis Conversation,” on the His latest entrance in communications is his first Podcast called “What’s on My Mind?” This can be heard on SoundCloud; just look for the name of the show or Dan Perkins. More information on Perkins can be found on his web site:

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