Wait Till You See What’s Coming

Daniel Perkins
6 min readNov 21, 2020


Dan Perkins

While we are waiting to see the outcome of the 2020 presidential election, I thought I would spend a moment looking into what I think could happen in the future. So, buckle up, you won’t hear this anywhere else. The scenario Is based on the possibility of Joe Biden being elected president. It also assumes the Republicans win at least one of the Senate seats in Georgia and continues to control the Senate.

In the House of Representatives, the Democrats could find themselves with 4 votes above majority since 4 house seats are still undecided. If that 4 vote majority holds, I don’t think Nancy Pelosi will be elected Speaker of the House. She needs 218 votes and I’m guessing that Nancy will not get the entire Democratic majority to vote for her. This means the Speaker of the House could, in fact, be a Republican. Just because the Democrats hold the greatest number of seats in the House doesn’t mean that the speaker will be a Democrat. Some Democrats are unhappy that Nancy Pelosi has not delivered, especially in the election, and may not vote for her. I don’t know that there is a current candidate of the Democratic Party who is strong enough to pull 218 votes to win. Keep an eye on the far left. If they feel that Biden is not giving them enough in key appointments, they might just bolt against Nancy.

So, the Senate could be Republican, the House could be Democrat, but the leadership of the House could be Republican. Let’s go back to the Senate under the control the Republicans. I wouldn’t be surprised that the Senate Republicans would start an investigation into the possibility of Biden receiving funds indirectly from foreign governments as well as graft through Hunter Biden. If, in fact, the evidence is as damaging as I suspect it will be, the Democrats in the Senate will back away from support for Joe.

If the Democrats under Biden are going to try and accomplish anything on a legislative basis they are going to have to get through the roadblock of the Senate. Assuming that Mitch McConnell is selected the majority leader of the Senate he, like his predecessor, Harry Reid, will control what comes from the House and he will decide if and when it is assigned to the various committees in the Senate. Early on, the Democrats will realize they’re not going to get a lot of their agenda items done so they will encourage Biden to bypass Congress as Elizabeth Warren has already suggested. She is suggesting Biden use executive orders to get done what he would like to get done. The problem with executive orders is that he can’t use them to control increases or decreases in taxes. The $4 trillion+ tax increase that Joe Biden promised has to start in the House, Ways and Means committee. It eventually has to go to the Senate for approval and that won’t happen if the Republicans are in control. He will not get enough Republican defectors so both of his tax increases won’t get through. The Trump tax-cut was passed by Congress and only the Congress can rescind it. Again, I don’t see the Republicans supporting increasing taxes by canceling the Trump tax-cut.

Let’s move on to executive orders where Biden plans to overturn the executive orders of Donald Trump. One of the smartest things that Trump did, along with Mitch McConnell, was to get over 300 federal judgeship slots filled primarily by conservative judges in various levels including 3 Supreme Court justices. I would fully expect some of those 300 judges will be asked to rule that some of the executive orders are unconstitutional and wind up going to the Supreme Court. Biden may win some but he is going to lose others. All of this will take time and 2022 will be close at hand.

Now we move to the 2022 midterm elections. The inability of Biden to move significant portions of his agenda will cause the Republicans to win the majority in the House. Remember, Barack Obama lost 63 seats in the House in his first midterm. If the vote total stays close to where it is, then the Democrats would lose control of the house assuming the Republicans have a net gain of 10 to 12 seats. I would also expect to see Republicans pick up more Senate seats. The carnage for Democrats in both houses will leave them powerless to accomplish anything.

I fully expect that at least one Senate committee will do investigations and open hearings on the Hunter Biden ‘Pay for Play’ scheme. This will set up in 2023 the possible impeachment of Joe Biden but more likely his resignation. That would mean that Camilla Harris, the sitting vice president, would become president of United States. But here’s a twist, she might not be the Democratic candidate for president in 2024.

The carnage that will take place in the Democratic Party, even if Joe Biden wins, will be devastating. There will probably be some people who will read this commentary and be enraged at what I’m saying. On the other hand, there will be some people who will be cheering, hoping that I’m correct. Only time will tell.

No discussion about future elections would be complete without discussing how the 2020 election could end. I have always believed that the issue is really simple. Article 2 of the US Constitution says that the states legislatures are responsible for the terms and conditions of holding elections. Election commissions, local boards, governors, secretaries of state, attorney generals, none of these people have any power according to the Constitution to make adjustments to the election process, on their own, without the approval the state legislature. While the Democrats may not agree with Article 2, look to them to start spouting that all votes must be counted, regardless. The decision by the court is very simple. If changes were made in the voting process and not approved by the state legislature then any votes cast under the unapproved modifications must be declared to be invalid.

We are already seeing courts criticizing political leaders making voting decisions without the approval of the state legislature. So, I see three scenarios; Biden wins, Trump wins, or nobody wins. If nobody wins, the House of Representatives according to the constitution decides who the president will be for 2020. This has been done twice before in 1800 and 1824. The process is pretty straightforward. Each state delegation has one vote. California doesn’t have any more votes than Rhode Island. They each have one. The Law says the Congress shall cast its votes until a candidate has at least 26 state votes. Once the candidate has 26 state votes, he will be the next President of United States.

For those of you who are hearing about this for the first time, you need to know that, of the 50 delegations, 26 are controlled by Republicans, 20 are controlled by Democrats As of this writing, 4 are evenly split. If it’s a partisan vote the Republicans with 26 will determine the next president. And if that happens and Donald Trump is the new president, I would expect to see protests in the streets and shouts of, “Biden won the popular vote.” But if President Trump is sworn in, I think the American people would expect him to seriously crack down on violent protests and bring them to an end. Two of the three scenarios are devastating to the Democrats especially the progressive ultra-liberal wing of the Party.

I mentioned this scenario on one of the radio shows that I’m on and I said, at the time, almost 74 million people voted for Donald Trump but we don’t know actually how many people voted for Joe Biden. It’s the 74 million people who are looking at what’s going on with fake ballots and voting irregularities that is making them stand up and not back down. When the last hope is done and, if Joe Biden wins, the 74 million Trump voters will be disappointed but their voice will cry out for reforms in the state legislatures of how we are going to protect one of our unique freedoms in this country, the right to vote.

Dan Perkins is a published author of 4 novels on nuclear and biological terrorism against the United States and is a current events commentator for over 20+ news blogs. He recently has had commentaries posted on Medium, Conservative Truth, and Clashdaily among others. He appears on radio and TV regularly many times a month. Dan’s newest show is called “America’s Cannabis Conversation,” on the W420radionetwork.com. His latest entrance in communications is his first Podcast called “What’s on My Mind?” This can be heard on SoundCloud; just look for the name of the show or Dan Perkins. More information on Perkins can be found on his web site: danperkins.guru