Daniel Perkins
3 min readJul 14, 2023


What do Indiana Jones and Joe Biden have in common?

They’re both too old for the part.


Dan Perkins

My wife and I, before the pandemic, used to go to the movies frequently. We just recently started to go to the movies. We check the movie listings weekly, trying to find something to watch. It gets harder and harder each week to find something we want to watch. In April, we saw advanced trailers for the new Indiana Jones movie coming in late June. We had seen all the Jones movies over almost 40 years and looked forward to seeing this one. We went to see the movie, all 2 hours and 22 minutes. The movie didn’t excite me; it appears, based on the box office, that it didn’t excite other moviegoers either. Disney had about $300 million in production and perhaps another $150 million in promotion. The first five days it grossed $82 million compared to the last film, Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, which grossed $100 million over its first five days.

Ford had to learn a movie script, whereas Biden uses a teleprompter. The idea that an 80-year-old man can play an action figure and that another 80-year-old man can effectively be president are not viable script lines for either. Both men should have retired from these roles a long time ago.

The critics gave harsh reviews of Ford’s performance. The mainstream media has yet to be critical of Joe Biden’s ability to perform as president. To be critical of Biden’s performance as president, pollster Geoff Garin said, “The basic rap against Biden is that he’s a candidate of style, not substance.” Substance requires more memory than style.

If he makes a mistake in a movie, Harrison Ford can retake the scene, and the audience will never see it. On the other hand, when Joe makes a mistake, everybody sees it, and the Whitehouse must come out and correct the record.

The press has given Biden a wide swath to escape criticism when he strays away from the teleprompter. The president rarely makes an appearance that he doesn’t make a mistake in some form. In some settings, Biden will make several mistakes in the same meeting or speech. If Ford had to make a movie without retakes, the movie would never have been completed.

Should Harrison Ford make episode six of Indiana Jones? Do you think Joe Biden will improve with age by the 2024 election? As much as people resist talking about dementia, AARP published 10 Early Warning Signs of Dementia You Shouldn’t Ignore.

1. Difficulty with everyday tasks. They may also find it hard to concentrate on tasks

2. Repetition. Telling the same story about a recent event multiple time

3. Communication problems. Stops abruptly in the middle of a thought,

4. Getting lost. Most people with dementia have difficulty with visual and spatial abilities.

5. Personality changes. A loved one may begin acting unusually anxious, confused, fearful, or suspicious or become upset easily

6. Confusion about time and place. Someone may forget where they are or can’t remember how they got there.

7. Misplacing things. One may have difficulty retracing their steps to find misplaced items

8. Troubling behavior. A family member may have increasingly poor judgment when handling money.

9. Loss of interest or apathy. A new study published in the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease found that apathy may even be a sign that someone is progressing from mild cognitive impairment (MCI)

10. Forgetting old memories. Memory loss that becomes more persistent

One vast difference between Ford and Biden is that the more the president displays some or all of the ten items listed above, the more he puts our country and the American people at risk. Indy and Joe, it’s time to move on and let the next generation of movie stars and presidents take their roles as leaders.

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